Get Stylish Suits Made According To Your Body Type

Not all suits are made equal. Your body type should guide you into choosing a stylish suit that fits just right. A good suit is not too tight not too loose, and it should flatter your frame or the shape of your body. Here are some tips that can help you pick stylish suits that are made for your body type.

Head to the Tailor
Have a bespoke suit made! Find a professional tailor that specialises in making high-quality and stylish suits, in various styles. A bespoke suit guaranteed to fit you right, so it is best to invest in one or two sets.

Are You Tall and Skinny?
Go for heavy fabrics like heavyweight worsted wool or tweed for additional bulk and proportion to a lanky frame. Choose light colours like grey or khaki, and avoid pinstripes and dark colours that can further lengthen and slim you down. Ask your tailor to make the suit jacket with three buttons and a high button stance, so it looks more proportional to your body. A two-button jacket could be another option, but make sure with a button stance that is near the solar plexus instead of the navel. You can opt for a single vent jacket or no vent at all. Finish the look with regular rise pants.

For the Bulky Man
Lightweight fabrics will flatter a man with a full or muscular frame because they provide a slimming effect. Soft and worsted wools are great and will not add bulk to your already large frame. Stick to dark colours like black or dark navy to look more slender. Avoid gaudy and loud patterns and stick to vertical stripes or a solid colour. For your jacket, go for a two-button style and make it single vented.

Suits for Short Men
To achieve a taller look, choose the fabric with subdued patterns like pinstripes. Vertical stripes provide the illusion of height because they elongate your frame. Ask the tailor to create a jacket with one or two buttons, with a lower button stance to keep your frame proportional. Make sure it has double vents. Opt for low rise pants.

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