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Custom Suits, Tailor Made Suits, Tailored Suits
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Custom Suits From £109
Custom Suits, Tailor Made Suits, Tailored Suits
Custom Suits, Tailor Made Suits, Tailored Suits by SpecialTailor Online
Enjoy the benefits of perfectly custom tailored suits at affordable prices and combine with your individual style online.

Design and order your own custom suits online with our designer.

With unlimited choices in fabric and style!

Follow our step-by-step photo guides to set up your measurement profile online, no tailor required.

All of our products are hand tailored and delivered to you within 2 to 3 weeks. Our tailor made suits are of the highest quality, created by highly skilled tailors, using the same superior fabrics and techniques.

About the fit

The perfect fit, aside from an individual design and the highest quality, is the most important element of a custom tailored piece of clothing. SpecialTailor offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee, read more »

Custom suits ab £149 | Custom shirts ab £29 | Custom jackets from £109

How it works online - video tutorial

1.Design 2.Measurements 3.Delivery

Tailored Suits

There is nothing better than your own quality, custom tailored suits and, here at SpecialTailor, we love nothing more than to provide our customers with the luxury attire they desire with our stylish tailored suits online. No matter what your needs and requirements, we provide the very best tailor made suits for a range of occasions, including bespoke suits and custom suits for work, for casual wear or a tailor made suit online for those big formal events. We have it all and, if you’re looking for the perfect tailored suits that always fit and show signs of their excellent quality, tailor made suits from SpecialTailor are absolutely the best choice you could make. With suits, jackets, ladies wear and much, much more, we have everything you need for building your own collection of tailored suits online, so why not buy your own tailor made suit online from us today?

New Tailor Made Suits & Bespoke Suits

In order to get the ideal bespoke suits and custom suits that fit perfectly every time, we take your measurements and work to create tailor made suits designed and made around you and what you want in a tailor made suit online. This means our tailored suits are absolutely unique and personal to each and every customer, with a range of suit fabrics to choose from and various other ways for you to customise your own tailored suits online. Our tailor made suits truly are made for you and you alone, and bespoke suits and custom suits from SpecialTailor will allow you to look as smart and stylish as you’ve always wanted, at affordable prices. We have a practically unlimited choice of fabrics and styles for your tailored suits, so you will never feel restricted when designing your ideal tailor made suits at our store. Every aspect of your tailored suits online is designed for you, our customer, and this means that you’ll always be absolutely satisfied with the tailor made suit online you receive.

Where to Find the Best Tailor Made Suits Online

How does it work? To get the exact bespoke suits and custom suits you want, with the best fit and classic, timeless styles you can keep forever, all you need to do is choose your fabric, your style, add customisation and then follow our easy online measurement process to create your tailor made suit online profile. From here, it’s simple and easy to create the perfect tailor made suits, and all of our unique options ensure your eventual tailored suits are exactly what you imagined. It takes just minutes to create an accurate measurement profile on our website, and this can be used when buying all of your future tailored suits online from our store. Because we are so passionate about delivering the finest quality and fit with our tailor made suits, you can trust that everything you purchase from SpecialTailor adheres to your specifications and offers unmatched comfort and style. With free samples suits and an unconditional return within seven days offer, you can’t go wrong. Sign up today to get started creating the perfect bespoke suits and custom suits for every occasion.